Scope of practice

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Specialist imaging services

CT colonoscopy

Dr Boone has an international reputation in this advanced CT imaging technique that produces 3D reconstructions of the colon ( virtual colonoscopy ) to detect
bowel cancer or precancerous polyps
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Bowel Imaging

In specialist hands, ultrasound and MRI can be valuable for diagnosis and follow-up of inflammatory bowel disease

Pelvic floor imaging

Evacuating proctography, anal ultrasound, Pelvic floor MRI, Mesh imaging

Endometriosis imaging

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Cancer staging CT

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General Radiology

Dr Boone maintains an active practice in all aspects of general radiology both in his NHS and private practice

Oncological imaging

Skin, sarcoma, soft tissue tumours, desmoid, fibromatosis, metastases

Liver and gallbladder

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Hernia Imaging

Inguinal femoral Spigelian, incisional hernia, parastomal, herniae.